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Leave a message so I can help out what items to get and how to counter certain heroes… people always say we need a tank or we need a support hero… that’s not always the case… there are times where a strength hero that can go support if there is no support…

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Gonna Update postings @ www.dotaintel.com

Feel free to visit the site


Awesome Vero Balls!!!


Strawberry Veros are amazing


New Bnet Acct

Made another new acct name because well… I don’t like stacked games… makes it boring… once you’re up in the 1600+ elo & 120+TSR’s players with decent scores tend to side with you so they can keep getting better stats.. well and not to mention not be stucked with noobs lol….

***        dotainteL.com       *** = bnet name usually on dotacash or Ent Server…


Stats on Dotacash so Far…


User name I usually use on Bnet West


***whisper me if u see me… we can run a game***usually on dotacash games less lag


insanity-in-a-box said: How would you play Shadow Demon, and what would his build be? Thanks in advance :DD -Emmi

hmm… If you can hang, I would def end with items either Power Treads (strength) ***or*** Boots of Travel + Guinsoo, Diffusal Blade, Eul’s, Manta Style, and LAST ITEM I would pick based on who i’m against… If against DPS like PA i would go Ghost Sceptor, against magic I would go ORCHID…. other items Force Staff, BkB, Linken, OR even a PIPE… play it right and these items would pwn… both aggressive and passive/support player… I usually DISRUPT,  MANTA, GUINSOO THEM, ULT THEM, CYCLONE OTHERS, DIFFUS OTHERS WHILE UR KILLING THEM SO U CAN GET A DOUBLE KILL…. annoying as hell but it works… :-)


tindahannialingnenaaaaa said: What's your best item build for Lina Inverse on a 5v5 game? :D

Depending how late but if it was really late I would probably go guinsoo, bot, refresher, sceptor, eul or orchid, and s&y

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Boush, Tinker

 A.  Intelligence Hero

 B.  Hint: Get him Intelligent items

1.  Beginning LvL 1-7:

·         3 x Ironwood Branch

·         Magic Stick

·         Animal Courier

·         Boot of Speed

·         Magic Wand

·         Flying Courier Scroll

·         Null Talisman (Circlet of Nobility, Slippers of Agility, Null Talisman Scroll

2.  Mid-Game LvL 8-15:

·         Strength Treads (Boot of Speed, Glove of Haste, Belt of Giant)

·         Ultimate Orb

·         Void Stone

·         Mekansm (Nathrezim Buckler, Headdress of Rejuvenation, Mekansm Scroll)

·         Ultimate Orb

·         Null Talisman

3.  Late-Game LvL 16-25:

·         Boot of Travel

·         Sell Treads

·         Dagon (Staff of Wizardry, Null Talisman, Dagon Scroll)

·         Shiva’s Guard (Mystic Staff, Plate Mail, Shiva’s Guard Scroll)

·         Guinsoo’s Scythe Of Vyse (Mystic Staff, Ultimate Orb, Void Stone)

·         Mekansm

·         Manta Style (Ultimate Orb, Yasha, Manta Style Scroll)

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